KOHYO’s Profile



Company Name

International Name Kair KOHYO LIFEICS
Representative 金澤 將順
Masanobu Kanazawa
 Head Office

219-6 Sekinamicho Kamiokashimo, Kitaibaraki, Ibaraki, Japan
TEL: 0293-46-4711  FAX : 0293-46-6321

 Iwaki Office 〒974-8232 
63-3 Miyanomae, Nishikimachi,, Iwaki, Fukushima, Japan
TEL : 0246-62-3210 FAX : 0246- 62-8551


280 -1 Sekinamicho, Kamiokashimo, Kitaibaraki, Ibaraki, Japan
TEL : 0293-30-5155 FAX : 0293-30-2101

Tokyo Branch Inbound section

612-2-7-14 Kyobashi, Chuo City, Tokyo, Japan
TEL : 03-5159-1300 FAX : 03-5524-5523
Founded 22nd September, 1958
ESTABLISHED 5th August, 1988
CAPITAL 20 million yen
Authorized Vehicles in Service 60
No. of Employee 100 (include Staff and temporary staff)

Our services and Various organization affiliation

Business Line up
 1・General Goods logistics
 2・General waste disposal together with collection, transport and process of industrial waste products
 3・Warehouse industry
 4・Real estate, including management, lease, trading and mediator 
 5・Civil Engineering & Construction business, contractor for selling and leasing building materials and hypothesis materials
 6・Gathering, processing, trading and import sand, gravel, crushed stones and stones materials etc.
 7・ Landscaping services with cultivation, buying, selling and trees and gardening plants leasing
 8・Buying and selling of antiques
 9・Travel business
10・Agency of air and marine freight handling
11・Collection, sale and import of rice, grains, agricultural products and other food products
12・Selling and import of fertilizers, feed, agricultural drugs and gardening equipment
13・Property insurance agency business
14・Electronic component production and sales
15・ Restaurant management
16・ Production, processes, selling and import of pottery, precious metals, calligraphy antiques, furniture, interior products folk craft products and convenience goods
17・Selling of petroleum products
18・Selling car products, tyres, accessories
19・ Sales and lease for Household appliances and plumbing, gas installation, sanitation, heating and cooling installation machine
20・First class consigned freight business
21・Funeral service contractor, with sales and lease for flowers, offering and other funeral supplies
22・Sales and services for graveyard, grave stone, family Buddhist altar etc.
23・Provide information on funeral ceremony and mediation services
24・Consultant service for funeral services
25・Sales for funeral gifts
26・All business accompanying to the above items

Various organization affiliation with KOHYO
Japan Association of Travel Agents
Japan Trucking Association
Ibaraki Trucking Association
Fukushima Trucking Association
Ibaraki Transport Association
Ibaraki Industrial Wastes Association
Tokyo Industrial Waste Association
Kanagawa Industrial Wastes Association
Fukushima Industrial Waste Association
Ibarakiken Prefecture Water Quality Conservation Society
Fukushimaken Prefecture Water Quality Conservation Society
Kitaibaraki City Construction Industry promotion association
Ibaraki Association of Construction Industry
Kitaibaraki City Society of Commerce and Industry
Mito Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ibaraki Highway Safety Association
Ibaraki police officer union
Ibaraki Prefecture Company Defense Measures Council
Takahagi Traffic Safety Association
Ibaraki Employer`s Association
Ibaraki Food Collection Cooperatives
Kitaibaraki City Agriculture Benevolent Associatio