Greeting from the President


Start from a tiny seedling.

And grow into a healthy and strong tree with plenty of fresh and green leaves.

Fertile soil, water, air, sunshine and strong roots is the key factors for a tree to grow strong and healthy. We aim to supply the tree with the elements it needs without disturbing its natural cycle.

In the next 50 years, seedlings will grow into an excellent tree with the care we have provided.


Our company withstand the rapid changes in the society, it is almost half a century since the establishment of the company.
We really want to express our appreciation to all of our customers, financial institutions, and locals for the support, trust and understanding.
We are talking new steps to the next half century, following the changes of generation, we will expand our view to and work towards the Globe. We will continue and keep the traditional Japanese spirit and challenge to the new generation.
Since our company first found, we have kept our motive: “Appreciation”, “Work with severity, but gentle to people”, “Associate and repay with the locals”.  We are keeping our motive as the root of our company.
Until now, we have built up half a century of experiences, we will adjust ourselves to fit into the ever changing world, but we will not forget our prime motive at the beginning of our business. Our motive will continue to be our base and support for the company, and from then, continue to move on step by step. Our “spirit” is to respect and preserve the tradition as we take our company to challenge the new generation.
Thank you for all the guidance and supports over the years and we will continue to challenge the new generation.

President Masanobu Kanazawa( 金澤 將順)