KOHYO’S Civil Engineering & Construction Business

Our business is focus on public works…。

KOHYO’s Civil Engineering & Construction Business is the driving force to create a fortunate city.

KOHYO hope to contribute the city by building roads via our Civil Engineering & Construction Business. Town planning is fundamental, building infrastructure for our next generation is essential.  We have started by improve road paving works, construct and fix slope to reduce damage from the disaster and help to build any necessary public works and more.
After the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, we have contributed to the early reconstruction.  For demolition work, we tied up the logistics and environmental business, and form a strong business style.

Civil engineering for the public

Road paving work

Road paving work improvement is necessary in the public road, giving the users a safer and comfortable experiences.  Our company offers a range of construction work, including road paving, bridge construction work, road gutter construction and other road related construction work.


Slope construction work

Natural disasters happens without warning advance warning. We can never be sure where and when it happens.  We cannot stop natural disaster but we can try to reduce the damage it causes.  We have been invited by the Government to help with the slope construction work within the region.



Reconstruction of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami

Japan was greatly affected by the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. The Tōhoku area was hit by tsunami with waves over 6M tall.  As a result, The Pacific Ocean facing harbours has enormous damage.  Our company worked very hard to help with the reconstruction work within the region.  It is very challenging but we finally completed the work.


We are the pioneer for demolition

With the collaboration with the logistics and environmental business, we are the leading company for demolition work within the region.

Fishery facility was destroyed by the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami

Our company demolished many buildings including large oil tank, factories and general housing and we are the pioneer in this field.



Factories and special building demolition works

Demolition of deteriorated buildings include factories and large buildings

Demolition of office



Demolition of shop



Demolition for general housing